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What we do and how we do it

Our process with clients involves getting a thorough understanding of their business, it’s risks and how these risks are managed. The detailed information gathered is presented to specific insurers in the market that we know are best suited to the client’s business activities and risk profile.

We negotiate the most competitive terms, present our recommendations and arrange cover as instructed. Our client’s accounts are not sent out to market to every insurer every year. Some brokers and advisers utilise this method to try and prevent their client’s from re-marketing their account with other brokers and advisers. However, we understand that this simply creates apathy in the market for the account and prevents insurers from ‘putting their best foot forward’ (since they know their terms will simply be shopped straight back to the current insurer – who is often a ‘preferred supplier’ due to the additional commissions and profit shares they provide). Instead we aim to choose the right insurer for our client the first time and then only re-market the account every few years or as the need arises (e.g. an unrealistic renewal offering, a drop in claims service, change in personnel etc).

Learn more about the services we provide and the types of policies we can assist with on our Services page